Lens is the reporting dashboard and central hub for publishers monetising their website and apps through OKO. OKO Lens combines their revenue data from across all partners with crucial website and analytics data to give at-a-glance insights into monetisation performance and opportunities. Lens is provided for free to all publishers monetising their apps and websites through OKO.

Unified reporting

Understand performance and revenue at a glance thanks to unified reporting. Lens collates data from all of your ad vendors, normalizing currency and timezone to provide timely and accurate data for your business and to put an end to the morning chore of filling spreadsheets with data from a dozen sources.

Sessions and pages, not just impressions

Connect Lens to your Google Analytics account to add smart insights around real user value. Combining analytics data with revenue data means understanding how your monetization performs even when traffic fluctuates as well as the impact of your ads on visitor behaviour.

Viewability reporting

Intuitive viewability reporting makes it easy for you to optimize for viewability and increase the value of your inventory rather than slowing your site down with ever more ads to earn good revenue.

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