Privacy policy

What information does OKO collect?

General business details

We collect information, such as trading name, address and contact details relating to the business that we have dealings with. This may be supplemented by publicly available information and details from the clients website.

Personal contact details

Contact details that are provided to us during the sign-up process (or later updated) are collected. These may include the name, email address and telephone number of individuals if these are the main contacts.

Your analytics data

If you provide us with access to your Google Analytics account we will collect basic data relating to your web properties and apps. This will include pageviews, visitor and session data as a minimum. It may also include top pages, countries and other data points. This information will be treated as confidential.

Our analytics data

We continuously improve our websites and online services, using various analytics tools to help us do so. We are interested in how clients and visitors use our websites and online services, what they like and dislike, and where they have problems. In our use of web analytics we do collect GeoLocation data, but it is only on an aggregate basis and not tied to any individual. The web beacons used in connection with our web analytics services do not share any personally identifiable information about our website and application visitors with third parties. Our tools may gather data such as what browser a person uses, what operating systems are used, what is downloaded, and what content, products and services are reviewed when visiting or registering for services at one of our websites or services. This information is used solely to assist OKO in maintaining a more effective and useful website and services. We track aggregate traffic patterns throughout our site but we do not correlate this information with personally identifiable data about individual users. We track domain names, browser types and MIME type. Such information will not be passed to third parties without your prior consent unless where required by applicable law.

Electronic communications

Communications between OKO and you may be stored to help improve our services, aid in compliance and for other internal purposes. We do not share this information with others other than is inherently necessary for the communication to occur (such as with telephone network providers, email service providers etc).

Security information

We also collect certain standard information about your computer for security and identification purposes. This information may include: IP addresses, domain names, access times, cookies and other unique identifying information of machines that have our software downloaded and installed on them. This information is used for the operation of the service, to identify and protect our customers and to control unauthorized use or abuse of our services.

Data that we generate through your use of our services

Data that is generated through your use of the service (including impression and revenue numbers) is stored in order that we can deliver the service to you. This data is also used for internal reporting and on aggregate for reporting that may be shared with other parties.

Other information you knowingly provide

Other information provided by you, such as by completing surveys may be stored and used for internal analysis as well as the purpose for which is was provided. Anonymous and aggregated data may be shared with other parties.

With whom do we share the information?

Ensuring your privacy is important to us. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties. OKO products and services by necessity require us to provide some of your information to third parties. We may occasionally employ other companies to perform functions on our behalf. They have access to personal information needed only to perform their functions and may not use it for any other purpose. Furthermore, they must process the personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Also, in the event that OKO Digital or the majority of its assets are acquired, customer information will be one of the transferred assets.

How do we protect your information?

OKO has implemented commercially reasonable precautions designed to protect the web sites and applications it hosts and the information it collects from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Nevertheless, we remind you that no security measure is perfect. OKO is not liable for loss of passwords due to user carelessness.

How long do we retain data?

We currently retain all data indefinitely.

Who can I ask if I have additional questions?

OKO Digital is a UK company with registered number 03867231. OKO is committed to respecting your privacy.